The year is 2805

Humans and space whales live in harmony among the stars. Why? Because we need them and they need us. The whales provide us with transport across the galaxy, access to exotic resources, and much-needed companionship. In return they only ask that we keep them healthy. Easy, right?

For being such an ancient species living in deep space they're not too bright, We... have our work cut out for us.

Their docile and cuddly demeanor make for perfect company in the lonely expanse though, so what kind of monster WOULDN'T do their best to make sure they're happy and free of disease?



Choose your patient, get your hands dirty, and get paid!

Blubber Busters is a run-and-gun action platforming adventure that has you diving headlong into the bellies of sad, afflicted space beasts to cure what ails 'em! Explore their innards, discover the sources of each infection and neutralize them! Each disease offers up unique challenges, critters, and objectives to get those poor creatures right as rain again.



Heal-Em-Up Action!

Pick your patient and dive on in! Manage your clients-to-be and make decisions to keep them from getting too sick while they wait for care! The worse the condition, the bigger the challenge.

Whale care isn't one-size-fits-all so don't get comfortable running down corridors with guns blazing!


GATHER your crew!

You'll need all the help you can get so find yourself some partners willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Swap between your crew members during surgery to make the most out of every situation!

Each crew member brings a unique play style and set of abilities to the team - Expand their move sets and discover flashy new tech to enhance your care-giving quotient!


Build out your clinic!

Your home turf has seen better days... Entire sections of the station have rotted away into space and others are on lock-down and in disrepair. Use your hard-earned profits to get it back up and running!

Build some new facilities to help you research new illnesses, upgrade your team's firepower or just build yourself a place to kick back and relax.



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