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The Orbital SVP (Space Veterinary Platform) has been ravaged by a space whale patient infected by an unknown disease!

Now it’s up to a misfit medical staff to run the station, track down the origins of this new mysterious illness, and save all the space whales of the galaxy through adventerous medical care.

After the ominous (but not unexpected) deaths of all trained medical staff, the remaining crew of the orbital SVP are put up to the task of running the hospital and caring for sick space whales.

With no professional medical skills to speak of, they still manage to tackle the same surgical challenges with ease...

...just don’t expect them to put a band aid on it.

  • 2D hand-painted comic-book-style graphics
  • Fast-paced combat with a splash of exploration
  • Swarms of lethal baddies and a vast array of ways to take them down
  • A broad range of whales to cure, each with their own unique sickness
  • Intense boss battles with over-the-top action!