Alpha in final stretch!

Hey Busters!

After a few meetings with our current timeline and progress, we've decided to make one final push back on the release of our alpha. We want to make sure to give you guys something fun to play, and not just an alpha that functions. Our final alpha release date will be this July. The good news is that we've got most everything in game, now it just needs some massaging! With this extra time, we'll be able to:

-Polish our boss fight

-Polish all enemies

-Polish Rudy & Eva's kits

-Finalize more art in levels and menus

-Put in more finished SFX & VFX

-Fix any major bugs (believe us, there's always bugs >_>)


Onto the development goodies!

Character Portraits!


To accompany our text boxes, along with some unique gestures from each character! 


Salt Idle Animation!

 Having lots of fun creating 2d sprite work with software like Maya! 

Having lots of fun creating 2d sprite work with software like Maya! 


Sick Space Whale Idle!



Robot Attack Animations!



CPU Animation in the Clinic! 


More stuff to come soon!

-Thar Be Monsters team

First alpha build coming soon!

Hey Busters!

Busting our butts as usual, we’re only a few weeks away from releasing the alpha build of the demo! When those are out, we would LOVE to hear your feedback on anything and everything (the good, the bad, and the bugs) so we can make sure the demo is as awesome as possible before it goes public. 

If you’d like to be part of the alpha release, please consider donating to our $10 Carer Tier on Patreon!

We’re currently focusing on making sure our full game loop works properly, before diving into gameplay & art polish. One of those focuses include figuring out UI. Here’s a few mock ups we're working on :)


Having some fun rendering up environment assets. Here’s some very special eggs with parasites... how disgustingly adorable! 

Paul streamed some animation for our boss polliwog yesterday - here’s the result! If you missed it, check it out on our Twitch channel


We’re also getting our lovely space whales some animation! This majestic billboard is ready for your medical care~ 

Putting together cut scenes for a few parts of the demo. Here’s a concept of the moment you get injected into a space whale. 


Some environment work so far...


And finally, a sneak peak into more of Eva’s abilities (w/temp vfx)! Since she’s our agile character, you can dash through enemies & stun them before attacking with slashing claws or swapping to Rudy and burning them to a crisp! :3 


And as always, thank you for your support! <3

  -Thar Be Monsters team  

Still busting our blubber!

Hey Busters, it's been a loooong while & we're sorry for the lack of public updates. 

Since the end of last year, we've been working hard on gameplay so that we can finally get the new public slice released sometime in May! In the meantime, we'll be doing a few more dev streams (you can catch the previous streams from this past month with Paul on our Twitch!) and doing our best not to keep our heads down so we can keep sharing awesome updates with you.

Here's a small slice of the new robot enemies & whales you'll be helping. 


Some amazing jiggle tech and goopiness for more immersive environment interactions...


Adorable larval polliwogs you get to torch & a teaser of our mother polliwog boss...


And some WIP shots of our start screen and lab you can visit in the space station!


There's a TON more we'd love to show, but we'll share more of it in the next update! :>

If you want to support us through this last grind,  please feel free to donate some pennies through our Patreon. Thank you so much for your continued support! <3 

-Thar Be Monsters team

The Station Siblings Revealed!


We are so excited to finally reveal our newest NPCs in the station. The constructed siblings - Salt & Pepper

These two eccentric sisters handle the research and development affairs on the station, residing in the Research Wing. Having been raised around science their whole lives on the station, they’re both prodigies in their own right but they couldn’t be more different!


Salt - The Propitious Pathologist 

Salt, as the first creation of the chief scientist, was built to tend to the efficiencies of all things organic in and around the station. She maintains a vast collection of patient samples from all around the system to better study and treat their infections. Her deep knowledge of all things infectious will help the crew improve and upgrade their equipment to better fight off anything that comes their way. 

Sweet and kind in demeanor, she acts as a motherly steward for the patients that come to the station for care. She also has something of a geek streak about her work and tends to get irrationally excited when presented with a new sample or creature she’s not yet encountered. Social situations are hard, okay?  

Her less-than-stellar programming has morphed her interest in pathology into something more akin to an infatuation - She’s deeply passionate for anything in her care and won’t stand for mistreatment or malpractice of any kind, so do your best and don’t disappoint her! 



Pepper - The Manic Mechanic 

Pepper is a spunky, energy-packed child with a knack for all things mechanical. She spends her days rattling around in the belly of the station, repairing broken machinery, building oddball contraptions and causing as much noise as possible. Pepper provides the crew with the means to outfit the station with the latest and greatest tech.

Stitched together from a box of left-over convict remains lifted from a nearby prison barge, she has a near limitless physical strength despite her petite stature -- A perfect fit for the station’s mechanic! Mix that with a fragile ego, though, and she may be one tantrum away from complete destruction of the home she works so hard to keep running.


Here are some extra model shots & concept for them! 


And again, we wanted to thank those that are supporting us on Patreon. Every penny gives us a little boost to make our new VS real! <3 

-Thar Be Monsters team

Lots of streaming, busy work & reveal soon!

Hey Busters!

We've been extremely busy working away on the new demo and are getting really close to sharing some more of our new gameplay. We also have an official reveal for the NPC sisters we've been working on (so excited to share it!) that will be part of our next update :D

It's been really fun streaming for you guys and we hope you enjoyed the concept, texturing and animations we've shared so far. We'll be doing some more in the near future, so keep a look out on our social media pages and our Twitch for the next one!

Anyways, here's some colorful visuals for your eyes. Enjoy!

 Tool in 3D!

Tool in 3D!

 Slug in 3D!

Slug in 3D!


‘Til next time, Busters.

New characters, enemies & a thank you!

Hey Busters!
First off, we want to give a huge THANK YOU to the fans supporting us on Patreon. It’s going to help us a ton and help us cover so many of our costs that keep adding up, so thank you! <3

New sluggish enemies!

Here’s some testing we’re doing with one of our new viral enemies:

A new alien race in the galaxy!

These guys are hardcore… more info to come soon >_>

Meet the Revivor Bot!

After the deaths of all the surgeons, CPU realized that future surgeons may be better off with these helpful revivor bots. They only come with so many charges, so perform with caution!

CPU model progress!

Our favorite (and only) head of the station is coming to realization. Don’t you want him to hug you with those chubby brain-y arms?
We also had some streams for textures & animation that you can check out here and here!

Community Level Final Results!

For those of you who participated in the community level voting, here are all of the final results. Prepare to fight brain parasites in a domed city hidden inside a space whale!

‘Til next time, Busters.

Rudy in Bounty Battle, Patreon & more!

Hey Busters!

After hearing all of your feedback, we’ve decided to launch a Patreon page to help with some of the funding for developing our new demo!

We will be sharing once a month spreads of concepts, early access to our latest updates and give you the chance to test out gameplay (help us polish the game!)

New flying Parasite learns to swim!

Check out some of the awesome rigging being made for our new parasite buddies~

Character Swapping Mechanic!

We’re also working on our swapping mechanic so it feels nice & smooth when you switch out characters. More gameplay to come soon! (3).gif

*You hear a giggle that doesn’t sound quite human...*

Another new NPC awaits Rudy in the station!

Clean up the competition in Bounty Battle!

As many of you may already be aware of, Rudy is going to be a playable character in the indie fighting game, Bounty Battle!

Fight as or against some of your favorite indie game characters from games like Guacamelee, Awesomenauts, Darkest Dungeon, and more in rapid 4-player combat.

Rudy also comes with a Biter sidekick that you can summon to fight along your side! Who ever saw that coming?

Their Fig campaign is now up and running, please consider supporting this awesome indie fighting game!

‘Til next time, Busters.

We’re back from the dead…?

The future of Blubber Busters & beyond!  

It’s been 8 months since our last update & the cancellation of our Kickstarter, but we’re still going. Things have still been slow without outside funding, but we’ve completed most of preproduction for the full game (an achievement in our book!) We’ll be making updates regularly, at least a few times a month, as we chug along.  

Over the next few months, we’ll be giving sneak peeks to that development including story, gameplay, alien races, and of course… space whales!


A *NEW* playable demo is coming!  

After completing most of preproduction, we’ve moved onto the nitty gritty of the game and creating a new slice for everyone to play. This time, we’re coming back with 2 playable levels (including 1 boss!), new enemies, and 2 playable characters!  

With this, we’re making sure that everything we put out from now on represents how the full game will play. That means we’re reworking Rudy’s kit (because we all know the prototype didn’t have all the bells & whistles), so expect a lot more action from Rudy here on out!  

If all goes to plan, we expect to have it available to the public in the 4th quarter of this year!  

Here’s a preview of the SVP that’ll be in our next demo:

Eva joins your party!  

Our second playable character will be the brainy but beautiful, Eva! Get ready to use the new swapping mechanic to help solve puzzles and destroy baddies with Rudy and Eva together! More to come on that soon...  

Not only will she have a unique, engaging kit, but she’s also received a visual rework since the kickstarter! Check here out in all her elegant glory & in our model viewer.

We modified her exo-suit so that her gloves are smaller (for that extra agility!) & some readability adjustments to textures to maximize her surgically precise gameplay.

*You hear rustling in a pile of scraps by the corner*  

A new NPC awaits Rudy in the station!


Fan Art Throwback!  

We had some amazing pieces of art from fans that supported us during the Kickstarter and we felt it’d be great to share that work again. Here’s a few pieces we loved (& if you ever create some fan art, we’d love to share it!)

 If you’d like to see the full size art, please visit our Facebook page.

Find Rudy in River City Ransom: Underground!  

Rudy can be found guest starring in a secret area of the beat-em-up River City Ransom: Underground. Just in time for the Steam Summer sale! Let us know if you can spot him! ;)

What lies ahead…  

We still have a lot of work to do before we can release the new demo and it’s still hazy whether we’ll do another crowdfunding campaign, work with a publisher or both. There are a lot of unknowns in front of us as we still keep the team afloat on our savings, but we’re making progress every day.


Would you guys be interested in donating a few dollars each month to support Blubber Busters?

If so, please tell us! We’re considering to start a Patreon to help keep development moving. We can offer behind-the-scenes progress on the demo, but any spare pennies you may have can help! What are your thoughts?

‘Til next time, Busters.