Sorry for the hiatus / PAX South

Hey Busters,

It’s been TOO long since we’ve made a public post about our progress! We’ve been giving our Patreons the latest alpha builds, but over the past few months, we ran into a snag.

These past months, we had to spend time finding a new place to move because our unit was being sold (so that was a bit chaotic until we found a new place.) We've been working on minor tweaks to the build through that time, but will continue to round out the demo more this month. We should have another build available to Patreons for testing in the coming weeks!


We also wanted to announce that the demo will be available to play at PAX South this weekend! Look for Thar Be Monsters and our banner at Booth 10412!


Besides that, we're going to be trying our best to wrap up this demo, and very sorry for the long silence. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Thank you again for the continued support.

-Thar Be Monsters Team