Up and Running

Welcome to the new site!

Coming hot off the heels of our less-than-successful Kickstarter, we're redoubling our efforts and getting back in the fight. It's unfortunate that we weren't able to hit our funding goal, but this this just the beginning! We've found our community and have been overwhelmed by all the positive support -- We're so freaking excited that you're excited too!

As the team is moving forward, we'll be keeping everyone in the loop every step of the way. Yes, that means more streams, more updates, more teases, and all of that will be leading to a bigger, tastier playable demo that we'll be releasing out to the Internet as soon as it's ready!

Will we be crowdfunding again? Maybe! We've got our ears to the ground for publishing support and are still committed to figuring out the fastest way to bring Blubber Busters to life, so help us out and spread the word! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and scream to the hills that you want to see some space whales.

Let's do this.

- Thar Be Monsters