Rudy in Bounty Battle, Patreon & more!

Hey Busters!

After hearing all of your feedback, we’ve decided to launch a Patreon page to help with some of the funding for developing our new demo!

We will be sharing once a month spreads of concepts, early access to our latest updates and give you the chance to test out gameplay (help us polish the game!)

New flying Parasite learns to swim!

Check out some of the awesome rigging being made for our new parasite buddies~

Character Swapping Mechanic!

We’re also working on our swapping mechanic so it feels nice & smooth when you switch out characters. More gameplay to come soon! (3).gif

*You hear a giggle that doesn’t sound quite human...*

Another new NPC awaits Rudy in the station!

Clean up the competition in Bounty Battle!

As many of you may already be aware of, Rudy is going to be a playable character in the indie fighting game, Bounty Battle!

Fight as or against some of your favorite indie game characters from games like Guacamelee, Awesomenauts, Darkest Dungeon, and more in rapid 4-player combat.

Rudy also comes with a Biter sidekick that you can summon to fight along your side! Who ever saw that coming?

Their Fig campaign is now up and running, please consider supporting this awesome indie fighting game!

‘Til next time, Busters.