The Station Siblings Revealed!


We are so excited to finally reveal our newest NPCs in the station. The constructed siblings - Salt & Pepper

These two eccentric sisters handle the research and development affairs on the station, residing in the Research Wing. Having been raised around science their whole lives on the station, they’re both prodigies in their own right but they couldn’t be more different!


Salt - The Propitious Pathologist 

Salt, as the first creation of the chief scientist, was built to tend to the efficiencies of all things organic in and around the station. She maintains a vast collection of patient samples from all around the system to better study and treat their infections. Her deep knowledge of all things infectious will help the crew improve and upgrade their equipment to better fight off anything that comes their way. 

Sweet and kind in demeanor, she acts as a motherly steward for the patients that come to the station for care. She also has something of a geek streak about her work and tends to get irrationally excited when presented with a new sample or creature she’s not yet encountered. Social situations are hard, okay?  

Her less-than-stellar programming has morphed her interest in pathology into something more akin to an infatuation - She’s deeply passionate for anything in her care and won’t stand for mistreatment or malpractice of any kind, so do your best and don’t disappoint her! 



Pepper - The Manic Mechanic 

Pepper is a spunky, energy-packed child with a knack for all things mechanical. She spends her days rattling around in the belly of the station, repairing broken machinery, building oddball contraptions and causing as much noise as possible. Pepper provides the crew with the means to outfit the station with the latest and greatest tech.

Stitched together from a box of left-over convict remains lifted from a nearby prison barge, she has a near limitless physical strength despite her petite stature -- A perfect fit for the station’s mechanic! Mix that with a fragile ego, though, and she may be one tantrum away from complete destruction of the home she works so hard to keep running.


Here are some extra model shots & concept for them! 


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-Thar Be Monsters team