First alpha build coming soon!

Hey Busters!

Busting our butts as usual, we’re only a few weeks away from releasing the alpha build of the demo! When those are out, we would LOVE to hear your feedback on anything and everything (the good, the bad, and the bugs) so we can make sure the demo is as awesome as possible before it goes public. 

If you’d like to be part of the alpha release, please consider donating to our $10 Carer Tier on Patreon!

We’re currently focusing on making sure our full game loop works properly, before diving into gameplay & art polish. One of those focuses include figuring out UI. Here’s a few mock ups we're working on :)


Having some fun rendering up environment assets. Here’s some very special eggs with parasites... how disgustingly adorable! 

Paul streamed some animation for our boss polliwog yesterday - here’s the result! If you missed it, check it out on our Twitch channel


We’re also getting our lovely space whales some animation! This majestic billboard is ready for your medical care~ 

Putting together cut scenes for a few parts of the demo. Here’s a concept of the moment you get injected into a space whale. 


Some environment work so far...


And finally, a sneak peak into more of Eva’s abilities (w/temp vfx)! Since she’s our agile character, you can dash through enemies & stun them before attacking with slashing claws or swapping to Rudy and burning them to a crisp! :3 


And as always, thank you for your support! <3

  -Thar Be Monsters team