Thar Be Monsters
Los Angeles, California

Founding date

July 2015


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Thar Be Monsters was founded in 2015 by three industry artists with a twisted desire to make a game inspired by colorful and gross Saturday morning cartoons!

The Game

Blubber Busters is a 2D action/platformer Heal-em-up with an emphasis on frantic combat. Space whales have problems -- Lots of problems -- from bizarre bacteria to pesky parasites and everything in between, and they need your help! Blubber Busters is definitely snuggled up in that same blanket as games like Megaman X, Metal Slug, and Metroid and we aim to make something that stands toe-to-toe with the greats.

Sickly whales come to you for help, and who are you to turn them down? Pick your patient and get in there! Each afflicted whale effectively works as a single stage with its own set of problems and objectives you need to solve in order to help get it happy and healthy again. Swap through your crew as you progress, cure what ails 'em and use that sweet insurance money to get your space station clinic back up and running!


Blubber Busters began in 2013 between three friends as a small side project to pass the time and create something fun away from their industry jobs. After a few months of tinkering it became clear that it was quickly growing into something special. From there, the team began to expand and time had to be put into figuring out how to put it all together. Since then, the team has grown to nearly a dozen members all around the world.

Thar Be Monsters was founded by AAA industry veterans that just want to make great games that we know we'd like to play. The teams' contributions to past projects include awesome titles like League of Legends, Darksiders II, Enter the Gungeon and Ori and the Blind Forest.


  • Lovingly-painted 2D comic book visuals!
  • Frantic combat inside giant creatures!
  • A crew of four playable characters, each with unique movement and combat abilities!
  • A home base in the form of an orbital space station clinic to explore, upgrade, and expand!
  • Dozens of infections to cure, each with their own objectives and challenges!
  • Massive boss encounters and dozens of infectious baddies!


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